Top 2 FAQs

Rank #1 - End Journey Not Working
1) Did you press end journey after you closed the lock?
Sometimes people press end journey while they are walking away from the bike, in such cases the bluetooth connection will be lost so the system won't be able to confirm you have correctly locked the bike.
2) Did you wait till the "journey completed" screen appeared?
Sometimes people press end journey and then put their phone back in their pocket before waiting for the journey completed screen to appear, please always wait 2-3 secs until you see the journey completed screen on your phone.
3) Was your phone trying to connect to a close by free wifi service?
This stops your phone from working as it should. Make sure you have a live 3g/4g signal when you press end journey.
4) Is your phone an Android?
We have found that occasionally Android phones can lose their bluetooth connection with the lock. Please try turning your bluetooth on and off and see it the "end journey" button works this time.
Rank #2 - Trip started but bike still locked
If a trip starts on your phone but the lock is still physically locked then 99% of the time either a spoke is pressing against the lock or the red cable is blocking the lock lever from releasing fully. Please check the following;

A) Nudge the wheel back or forward a couple of centimetres to the spoke isn't pressing against the lock;

B) Check if the last user attached the red cable to the left hand side of the smart lock, the red cable may be blocking the lock lever from releasing back, adjust the cable so the lever has some space.

After ensuring there is nothing in the way of the lock you must end the journey and start over again, remember you must wait 60 seconds as the lock resets with our backend, and then before trying to scan the lock for the second time