How Much Does It Cost?

A standard ride is 60 minutes, and the clock starts from the moment you unlock the bike. For example; 1) Unlock -> You unlock a bike at 8:15am and ride it for 15 minutes, 2) Lock -> You lock the bike at 8:30am while you do a quick 20 minute "*pit stop" to buy a coffee, 3) Unlock -> You return to the bike at 8:50am and ride for another 15 minutes, arriving at your final destination at 9.05am. In total 50 minutes have elapsed since you first unlocked a bike so you are only charged for 1 ride.

* You are only allowed one "pit stop" per 60 minutes.
** Bikes are available to hire 19hrs a day (5AM to Midnight), 7 days a week

Pay As You Go


For a top-up of just €4.00 you can enjoy 5 rides - that's just 80cent per ride! Ideal for the occasional rider. A ride is 60 minutes in duration.

1 Month Membership


Avail of 4 rides of up to 60minutes every day for 30 days! The best value plan for short term users or people who just want to try out our service!

Price valid from June 2018.

3 Month Membership


Our 3 month membership plan is great value! Avail of 4 rides of up to 60minutes every day for 90 days. Perfect for students and seasonal riders.

Price valid from April 2018.

Annual Membership


Annual membership gives you 4 rides of up to 60minutes, 365 days per year! The ultimate commuter solution!

Price valid from April 2018.

1 Day Pass


As the name suggests, the day pass gives you up to 19 hours of access to BleeperBikes in a 24 hour period. Ideal for day trippers and tourists.

Price valid from April 2018.