Parking Steps

1. Find a parking stand
When you have finished riding the bike, you may park it at any of the recognised public cycle parking spaces identified on our in-app map. If a bike is not parked in one of these identified spaces then it is either deemed mis-parked or lost. You must park your bike in a tidy, unobtrusive manner.

Useful Tip:
If you are going to a busy location, it is worth checking the App to see where an alternative parking location maybe found if your first choice for parking is full, this may save you time upon arrival at your destination.

2. Loop, Lock & Bleep
Step 1 - Loop
To ensure the bike can not be accidentally knocked away from the bike stand please anchor it using the red cable attached underneath the saddle. After wrapping the red cable around the bike stand please position the loop attached to the end of the red cable into the right hand side of the smart lock.

Step 2 - Lock & Bleep
Using your left hand please slide the lever on the left hand side of the smart lock until the steel boom moves all the way through the spokes of the wheel and engages into its locked position. You will hear the lock make a distinctive "bleep" sound when the locking mechanism has properly engaged.

Useful Tip:
Occasionally when sliding the locking arm shut, the locking arm/boom is prevented from sliding all the way home. This is usually because there is a spoke blocking its way. Simply roll the bike backwards or forwards a couple of millimetres and the locking arm should pass freely.

3. Press End Journey
The final step is take out your phone and press end journey within the app.

Useful Tip:
Please try and remember to press end journey as you will continue to be charged until the app tells us you have completed your journey. It is also of great benefit to the whole Bleeperbike community to have an accurate GPS reading for the bike for the next user.