Parking Fines

Bikes that are not parked correctly violate our licence agreement with the local authorities and also result in complaints from members of the public. Incorrectly parked bikes must be removed by our parking operations team and re-parked correctly.

The rule of thumb for parking a BleeperBike is that if the bike rack is a ‘Sheffield Stand’ rack, located on public property (street) and is within our Purple Zone then you can park a BleeperBike there and you don’t have to worry about fines from us.

Parking locations can also be seen within our app by pressing P in the bottom left of the app.

€10(Fine A)

Red/Black Chain Not Attached to Bike Rack

€10(Fine B)

Bike Not Parked at a Designated Bike Rack

€15(Fine C)

Outside The Purple Zone or on Private Property

€15(Fine D)

Inconsiderate Parking (Locking to a Private Bike)

Recent Examples

We do not wish to impose fines on any of our customers, however, as is evident from the examples below there are occasions where the parking of a BleeperBike is well below our required standards and we have no choice but to impose a fine to discourage inconsiderate parking behaviour becoming habitual.