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General questions
What can I use BleeperBike for?
Our bikes can be used for commuting to work or school, for sightseeing, for recreation, to get to any destination for whatever reason. BleeperBike's mission is ultimately to make Irish towns and cities more accessible in an environmentally friendly, timely, and convenient way.
Where can I use BleeperBike?
Currently, Bleeperbike is available to use in Dublin City and Fingal.

Or operating zone is indicated by the purple coloured map within our app.
What is Bike Sharing?
Bike-sharing is a mode of transportation that allows users to travel using bikes that are publicly available. Our bikes are present across the city at public cycle parking spots and are available for hire from anywhere and at any time and may be left at any public cycle parking when done.
What is the difference between bike-sharing and bike rental?
A bike rental allows for the hire of a specific type of bike while our bikes are all broadly the same. A bike rental tends to be limited in the locations where they are available while our bikes can be located at any public cycle parking across the city
How safe is BleeperBike?
While there are risks with all modes of public transportation, our bikes are designed and built to be safe, comfortable and easy to ride.
The motion-activated front and rear lights, the bell, and the bright white colour of our bikes help increase its visibility to other road users, reducing the possibility of an accident.

We strongly recommend our riders wear helmets to reduce the risk of head injury in the highly unlikely event of an accident.
I would like to reserve a bike for use later, is this possible?
Bike reservations are not currently available, we are reviewing the pro's and con's of adding a reservation functionality.
Can I hire a bike for an extended period such as a week?
While we are happy to see that you enjoy riding our bikes, and while this is not disallowed, we do not encourage the hiring of our bikes for long periods as this is a bike share and we would like others to have access to the bike as well.
What is a QR code?
A QR code consists of an array of black and white squares typically used for storing information like a barcode. We have a QR code on each of our locks. It allows us to track which of our bikes are being used by which user.
Can a rider hire more than 1 bike at a time?
No. We ask that each rider register an account. Each payment method may be registered on up to four accounts. This will allow a person to pay for the hire of bikes for others.
Please read our terms & conditions for more information.
How old do I have to be to use BleeperBike?
For legal, and insurance purposes you must be 18 years or older to ride a BleeperBike.
Why use BleeperBike when I own a bike?
We appreciate that most people who own bikes own bikes of value. Using our bikes instead of your own bike removes the potential downsides of theft or vandalism. You won’t need a bike lock again, and with our team of skilled cycle engineers maintenance costs become a thing of the past.

Why was my payment rejected?
There can be several reasons.
1. You do not have sufficient funds in your debit card or you do not have sufficient credit limit on your credit card.
2. Your bank rejected the transaction.
3. You are using a prepaid card.
Why is the amount refunded less than the amount in my e-wallet?
All amounts that were credited by you to your e-wallet will be refunded in full. If there is a difference in amounts that was in your e-wallet and what you were refunded, it is probably the bonus that was credited to your e-wallet when you topped up, this amount will not be refunded.
I would like to remove my card details.
Please send us the mobile number and email address you registered your BleeperBike account with and we can remove your card details. Just to let you know, your full bank card details (that someone would need to commit fraud) are held by Stripe and they are completely safe but we will happily action a removal if you do wish to do so.
Do I need my credit or debit card with me to top up my BleeperBike Account?
You do not need to have your card physically present to top up your BleeperBike account, however you will need to enter your 3 digit CCV to process the new payment. (CCV code is the last 3 digits of the number on the reverse of your card). So if you haven't memorised this number you will need your card to make payment.

General Terms and Conditions
What hours are the bikes available from?
The Service is accessible twelve months a year, seven days a week between the hours of 5am and 12.00am, without interruption, except in cases of force majeure, operational reasons or a change in law affecting The Service. The bike locks will not open between 0.00-05.00, please be mindful of this if you plan on purchasing a day pass.
What happens if I damage or lose a BleeperBike?
BleeperBike is a community so we really hope all our users take care of our BleeperBikes however the fee for damage, theft, or willful vandalism of a BleeperBike is €500.
More details can be found in our terms & conditions.
Can I take my BleeperBike outside the originating town or city?
Yes, you may, but we kindly ask that you return the bike to a recognised public cycle parking within our purple operating zone as indicated on our map when you have finished riding our bike.
If you keep a bike for longer than the 24 hours on a Day Pass, you will incur €1 per hour for the next two hours before a penalty charge is applied on your card when the bike is deemed lost.
Will I be charged if I have locked the bike correctly, however it gets stolen or vandalized?
No, we have technology to track the locations of all our locked BleeperBikes. So long as you've parked your bike in a public, legal location, and you have locked the bike correctly, you can rest easy.
How do I lock a BleeperBike?
You can return our bikes to any of our recognised public cycle bike parks. You can find a recognised cycle parking area nearest to you on our in-App map.
1. Park the bike next to an approved Bike Rack found on the in-app Map.
2. Secure the red/black chain around the bike stand and place the locking bar in our smart lock so that it passes through the rear wheel. The lock should beep, letting you know the lock is secure.
3. Click End Journey in our app.
4. Take a photo to confirm the bike has been parked correctly.
How do I use the chain when cycling?
Once the bike is unlocked, wrap the chain around the base of the saddle post and place the locking pin in the storage hole on the top of the lock.
I would like to hop into the shop for 5 minutes, should I lock the bike?
You should always lock the bike when you are leaving it unattended as losing the bike will incur a penalty. The system will of course automatically utilise BleeperBike 'PitStop' should you hire the bike again within your 1 hour rental period. This will mean you will still be charged just €1. Find out more about PitStop.
Can I lock the bike at a public cycle parking that is not on your map?
You can lock our bikes at any Sheffield Bike Rack provided it is on public property and it is located within our purple operating zone. If you have identified a new bike rack which is not yet in our app then please let us know and we will add it in the app.
I cannot find cycle parking, can I leave the bike on the street?
No you may not. We ask that you find the nearest cycle parking on our map to park our bike. There are many cycle parking spots across various locations. Just as we would not park our cars anywhere but only at acceptable car parking, parking a bike anywhere but at an acceptable cycle parking causes an obstruction to other road users. It is inconsiderate and anti-social. We take the illegal parking of our bikes very seriously.
What should I do if the public cycle parking at which I would like to park the bike is full?
If there is room to daisy chain to another BleeperBike please avail of it, if not please find on our map the next nearest public cycle parking to park the bike. Please do not park the bike improperly, it is illegal and inconsiderate to do so. We take the parking of our bikes very seriously and we ask our users to observe the rules.
What should I do if I cannot find the bike at the public cycle parking?
Please notify us on our app and find the next nearest available bike.
Round trips
If you are taking a round trip it is fine to temporarily park that bike at a non designated bike rack so long as you return the bike to a designated bike rack as the final leg of your trip.
I forgot to lock the bike. What should I do?
If you have forgotten to lock the bike, try returning to the bike to lock it. If you cannot find the bike, contact us immediately and we will assist in locating the bike. If the bike cannot be found, you may be liable for a penalty for losing the bike.
I scanned the lock and it beeped but the bike is still locked, what should I do next?
This can happen occasionally when one of the spokes of the rear wheel is in contact with the locking mechanism, press the End Journey button, roll the bicycle forward or backward a few millimetres to take the pressure off the spoke, then press the Unlock bike button again, the lock should now open!

Do I have to wear a helmet while cycling?
Whilst not a legal requirement within Irish law, we recommend our riders wear helmets while cycling.
What are the best tips for Safe Cycling?
1. Ride in the same direction as the traffic.
2. Follow all traffic signals and signs.
3. Yield to pedestrians.
4. Use hand signals when turning.
5. Ride in cycle lanes wherever possible.
6. Do not weave in and out of traffic.
7. Do not ride on walkways.
8. Do not ride a bike while distracted, such as while using a mobile phone or wearing headphones.
What should I do if I crash my bike?
If you are injured and need medical assistance please call 999 immediately.
If you are able, please remove the bicycle from the roadway and park it safely.

Please report the incident to the police and BleeperBike within 24 hours, so a crash report may be filed.
What should I do if my bike is lost or stolen?
If you lose your BleeperBike or it is stolen, you must notify us within 24 hours so that a theft report can be filed. Please also report this to the police.
Your debit or credit card may be charged for the cost of recovery or replacement of the bike up to €500.
What should I do if I find an abandoned BleeperBike?
Please notify us via our Website, or the BleeperBike app so we may retrieve it.
I have spotted a bike mis-parked or vandalised or restricted to personal use. What can I do?
If you find a bike mis-parked, vandalised or restricted to personal use, please take a photo of the bike with its surrounding area and upload it to us (using the Contact Us section in the BleeperBike App) together with its location including the street name. Please ensure that the bike’s number is visible in the photo.
How do I turn on BleeperBike's lights?
The lights on the BleeperBike are automatic, when you start cycling it should automatically switch on and do not need to be manually switched on or off.
Do I need to inflate the tyres on BleeperBike?
No, BleeperBike carries out all maintenance of the bikes.
If you find a bike with a flat tyre then please report this via your app and locate another bike to use.