BleeperBike Ireland
BleeperBike is Ireland's first stationless bike sharing scheme. Stationless bikes are equipped with a smart lock fixed above the back wheel of the bike, this smart lock controls usage of the bike by communicating with our custom built app. As the smart lock is permanently on the bike the bikes can be picked up and left anywhere that traditional bike parking is permitted, BleeperBikes do not require custom built docking bays.

How did BleeperBike start?
BleeperBikes began in 2016 when CEO Hugh Cooney saw the evolution of stationless bike sharing while holidaying in China. Hugh was a regular user and a big fan of Dublinbikes but could see how a "stationless" model would have the potential to make bike sharing more widely available. Removing the need for expensive to build docking stations means bike sharing schemes are no longer something our local authorities have to pay for.

Why is it called BleeperBike?
Our locks make a distinctive bleep bleep sound when opening and closing so we are named after this sound 🙂